Angela Grasso

Angela Grasso

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About ​Angela Grasso

​For over 20 years, Angela has focused on the practice, study and education of natural health and well-being. Her passion for creating health from within (without harsh side effects), have led her to treat people using her knowledge of Acupuncture, Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine, Medical Chi Kung, Massage Therapy and Yoga. Angela’s understanding of the body, mind and spirit as one inseparable unit enables her to work with all levels of a patient’s health journey.

To help patients achieve their health and wellness goals, Angela applies a unique blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and 5 Element styles of acupuncture. Treatment results are supported in between sessions with herbal medicine and self-care recommendations affording more far-reaching and lasting effects. She received her Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine from the Academy of Five Element Acupuncture in Hallandale, FL.


Angela is able to whole-heartedly offer patient care based on her first-hand experience of the effectiveness of integrative health care. She has been using nutrition, living in harmony with the seasons, exercise, herbal medicine, supplements, massage and, of course, acupuncture to stay well for as long as she can remember.

Angela is an avid cook, and lover of nature. When not working she can be found whipping up something nutritious, curled up with a book, hiking or simply staring at the clouds.

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