Dr. Rosanna De La Cruz DACM L.Ac

Dr. Rosanna De La Cruz DACM L.Ac

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About ​Dr. Rosanna De La Cruz DACM L.Ac

​Rosanna De La Cruz is a holistic endocrinologist with a focus on reproductive health and a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine licensed in New York State. She graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with a Bachelor of Science and a Master in Oriental Medicine degree and later pursued a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, with a focus on Integrative Medicine.

Rosanna comes from a family of medical doctors including her parents. Her mother is an Internal Doctor in Valencia, Spain and her father is a Primary Care Physician in Dominican Republic. She completed her pre-med courses in the Dominican Republic.

When she had the opportunity to enroll in college in USA; knowing the limitations and benefits of conventional medicine first hand; she remembered an old saying in her country when someone was very sick, they would say “not even a Chinese doctor can save him/her”. She always knew that Natural Medicine was very effective and powerful. She chose to pursuit a career, where she can help her patients live a higher quality of life.

Rosanna worked for major corporations in many leaderships’ positions for many years; where she has the opportunity to escalate and be promoted several times and earn a 6-figure income.


However, while she was working in the corporate world, a family member was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells in her cervix and she did not have insurance, she relied on an acupuncturist to provide treatments every 3 days and in 6 months of treatments, she was free of cancerous cells. This and her family medical history, inspired Rosanna to study Oriental Medicine.

She knows the natural state of our human body is HEALTHY. Her mission is to “help her patients heal and live a life full of JOY”. She has a passion for helping her patients achieve hormonal balance and pain relief. And has treated thousands of patients suffering with hormonal imbalance, including thyroid disorders, PCOS, PMS, menopause, diabetes, endometriosis, difficulty conceiving and chronic as well as acute pain. She is fully committed to support your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

When Rosanna is not treating patients at her clinic, she enjoys spending time in nature walking and hiking. She loves reading, meditating and spending time with her children Isa and Ariana and her friends and family. ​

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