3 Simple Ways to Make Decisions

3 Simple Ways to Make Decisions

The most beautiful gift of being a human, is our ability to think for ourselves. When we own our power to think, we can embody our presence in this UNIVERSE.

We have all been in situations where we had to make an important decision and felt like there were no good choices. The reason could be, because we have been indoctrinated in what normal is, over and over.

If we want to live a life full of joy and resonance with the mighty creation of the worlds, we will be benefit from, defining what normal is for ourselves. 

I have asked many successful, healthy, happy and satisfied individuals; how do they make important decisions?


Here are some of 3 simple tips they had to share.

  1. When you must make a decision; give yourself time to explore all the possibilities that would make you happy. When the options presented to you, seem to be of exact pros and cons, you can trust your inner guidance, and allow another option to emerge and select the one that is most appealing to YOU.
  2. Every time you have two choices to pick from; write a pro and cons sheet. Write both options with the pros and cons next to each other, this will give you a clear picture of what is most important to YOU. Always pick the simplest choice; remember that simple may not be the easiest way to get to what you want. There is a profound power on seeing all the options we have, on writing.
  3. Once you have made up your mind remember that other people’s opinions and actions should not influence your decision. YOU are the only one responsible for your actions.

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