Inflammation isn’t bad. Seriously.

Inflammation isn’t bad. Seriously.

The common misconception is that inflammation is “bad”. And, it’s just that…


Our bodies are designed to heal. In fact, every single second of every single day you’re alive - even going back to your conception - you’ve been healing. So, there’s a process to healing, just like there’s a process for everything else in our bodies. And, like all processes, there are stages. It just so happens that inflammation is the FIRST stage in the healing process.

Wait… Did I just say inflammation was actually part of the HEALING process? Yup.

Just like a rain storm is the first stage in the natural process of plants receiving life giving water, inflammation is the first stage in the natural process of your cells receiving the resources they need to repair damage to themselves.

So… inflammation is - in a sense - GOOD. It is a reflection of a body TRYING TO HEAL.

In fact, as long as things are inflamed it means your body is still fighting, it’s still trying to regenerate and restore itself. So, why then, does everyone yammer on and on about inflammation being bad? Because they don’t really understand the truth.

Inflammation itself is just inflammation. It’s a sign your body wants to heal. What’s “bad” or - more accurately - “harmful” is when inflammation becomes chronic. WHY?

Because it means your body isn’t healing.

Is the solution to just pour “anti-inflammatory” drinks and pills into your body? Actually no it isn’t. The solution is to figure out WHY your body is ALWAYS working so hard to heal itself. 

The fire department doesn’t go out unless someone puts in an emergency call. If the fire department is continually getting called to put out fires 24/7 with no rest or pause, the solution isn’t to hire more firefighters. The solution is to figure out why the hell there are so many fires Same holds true for inflammation. Inflammation is the “fire alarm” of the body. Turning off the fire alarm doesn’t make the cause of the fires go away.

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