Own the Good!

Own the Good!

Life is tough and we are all continuously bombarded with countless issues; health issues, relationship issues, environmental issues and the list goes on.

A simple way for us to start feeling more positive and empowered, is, watching our words; because words have tremendous power. Specifically, MY and THE.

When we say my migraines, my pain, my sadness, my anxiety etc.; we are making the negative conditions part of who we are; and it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can start to name the negative or difficult things or events that happen in our lives with THE and use MY when is for naming all the great or positive things we have. My ability to choose, my family, my home, my partner, my city etc. The anxiety I feel when I am overwhelmed, the pain I feel is keeping me up at night, the symptoms I feel are….

You see; when we name THE negative condition or event that we are experiencing, we are dissociating that temporary condition even if is chronic or long standing.

Changing the way we talk about ourselves and what we experience might seem simplistic; however 😊 things can feel a lot less overwhelming by just changing the way we talk about our negative.

This week I challenge you to pay attention to your words and change THE to the negative stuff and MY to the positive things that are happening for YOU!!!

May your life be filled with JOY, HEALTH AND PEACE

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