You = Health, Happiness and Joy

You = Health, Happiness and Joy

The natural estate of being is HEALTHY, HAPPY AND JOYFUL at all times, even when external circumstances and situations are not as we expect. We are supposed to be filled with vitality, joy and happiness. This doesn’t mean that bad things won't happen, it means that we are powerful enough to deal with all of the monkey wrenches that life throws at us.

Universal Love is the answer to all imbalances including our planet, body, animals, plants etc. One of the questions I ask my patients when we first meet is how did it all start, tell me the story; what happened? Often my patients start crying; I immediately know there is a profound emotional discord and in many cases trauma or severe stress leading to a chain of events, that prevents us from loving ourselves first and most. 

This is the common denominator in most chronic disorders. We stop showing up for ourselves either because the symptoms are overwhelming, we are too tired, busy or weak to care for ourselves. 

When I talk about Universal Love being the answer, this love starts with loving kindness towards ourselves first. This love is what allows our body to heal and stay healthy.

Loving kindness towards ourselves may mean taking a nap when our body feels too fatigued, saying no to people and things that don’t bring us joy. It also means a good sleeping habits, good hydration and nourishing foods to regenerate our organs and tissues.

I want you to know that you don’t have to do this alone. I am here to help!

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