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Cindiraina Zhai

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About ​Cindiraina Zhai

Cindiraina Zhai is a NYS Licensed Acupuncturist and a trained Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist who is passionate about spreading the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and sharing with more people holistic ways to balancing their bodies and living in good health from the lens of TCM. She works side by side with clients together to promote an optimal environment for their body, mind and spirit to fully thrive. Cindiraina believes that the key to a balanced body and mind is to live in harmony with the seasons & cycles of nature around us, while also honoring our bodies internal cycles which may look different for all of us. She believes in the importance of learning to listen to the subtle messages of the body and developing an intimate understanding with the changes that happen within, so we may be a better caretaker for our own body and feel empowered in our health and our well being.


Cindiraina was born and raised in a small town in China called Kaifeng, Henan. Where Traditional Chinese Medicine is the primary form of healthcare. Being raised by her grandmother, from an early age, she was taught the importance of food, in particular organically grown, seasonal produce, for our health. And how the food we eat, and nourishment we give our body is one of the main contributing factors of a balanced body and mind. Her grandmother, being one of her first teachers, taught her how to grow and utilize traditional herbs to treat and heal different symptoms and diseases. Cindiraina’s early childhood experiences and her upbringing made a monumental imprint on why she chose to study and become a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

Cindiraina is joining Dr. Rosanna De La Cruz as a part of the Washington Heights Wellness team. She hopes that we can be a refuge to those seeking support for their healing. We are committed to assist you and walk along with you during your health journey.

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