Skype/Zoom follow-ups and free initial consults are now available for both local & remote patients.


Hey there! If you’re on this page, that means you’re a prospective patient interested in a Free Initial Consultation at Washington Heights Wellness. If you’re already a patient, and you’re looking for our online booking page, no worries, just click here to go to that page now.

​PLEASE NOTE: Due to high volume of existing patients contacting us for Virtual Visits, any new patients who use the online booking page MAY cause delays for our current patients and your appointments will be deleted.

​What Is an Online Initial Consultation?

At Washington Heights Wellness, we’ve been doing online consultations for both domestic and international patients for over a decade.

An “Online Initial Consultation” is an initial consultation just like the ones we always do for new patients, except instead of taking place at the clinic, it takes place over a secure, face-to-face video conference.

​Are Online Initial Consultations Secure?

Absolutely. Our video-conferencing service uses the highest grade encryption to secure the communication channel. And, they are in compliance with ALL federal patient privacy protection laws.​

​Why Do An Online Initial Consultation?

​At Washington Heights Wellness, we stay completely booked on a consistent basis. By proceeding with your FREE initial consultation online, you ensure that you already have your spot on our calendar once things return to normal.​

​Can I Get Started With Treatment Now?

​As of today (March 27th, 2020), we are still seeing patients in our offices but only on a limited, as needed basis. Everyone else is being encouraged to do their initial Intakes and follow-ups via online channels, which still afford you the opportunity to begin working on your condition and moving towards your goals with our support.

That support includes our legendary, easy-to-follow treatment plans that have helped thousands in New York overcome a wide range of endocrine, reproductive, and mood issues since 2015.

​What Is Included With My Treatment Plan?

​Treatment plans incorporate precise and efficient therapeutic nutritional supplement protocols, along with our proven, results-focused, trusted guidance on dietary therapy, lifestyle habits, mind-body stress reduction practices, and exercises you can do anywhere, anytime from home.

So, there’s still a LOT we can do to get things going on a positive track for you.

​How Do I Get Started?

​​Simple! Just fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch within one business day to get your Free consultation scheduled.

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