You Matter Too

You Matter Too

Love, Kindness and Self Care First!

Several months ago, I met a woman who was consumed with the health of her daughter, who had all sorts of health issues. The emotional burden was really putting a toll on the entire family.

Mom looked exhausted. I wondered when she had last slept.

"I don't sleep," she answered. "I'll sleep when things settle down."

"You know, you matter too," I said. It just came out.

She looked at me as if I had just spoken in another language.

"You do," I said. "I know you're worried about your daughter, and I'm sorry that you are going through this. But you are also important. You matter too."

Her eyes welled up, and we continued to chat about other things. But I could clearly see the startled realization in her face as she shifted into a place of being back in her body for a moment, and assessed the toll that all this stress was having on her physical being.

What we focus on, expands. Bring your focus and attention to one focal point, and everything around it shrinks into nothing. Look at a sunset, and the world around you ceases to exist for a few minutes as you place all of your attention on it.

Conversely, when your attention and focus is on a negative situation, the anxiety and stress around it becomes your world. In a way, your physical body ceases to exist, at least temporarily. You forget that your physical being needs nourishment and rest and support.

You matter too.

To support others, you yourself must be supported. When you are starving to death, you don't have the resources to feed someone else.

Our energy feeds into the energy of others. If you don't believe me, think of the last time your boss, spouse, or friend had a terrible day and took it out on you. How quickly did you shift from your "normal" state to a grumpy, angry version of yourself? Pretty quickly, I'll bet.

If you find yourself in the role of caretaker, the best thing you can do for the person you are supporting is to nourish yourself. Not just for your sake, but for theirs, as well.

The woman I mentioned above ended up booking a session with me. She left looking as if the weight of the world had melted away. And the next time I saw her, she couldn't stop talking about how happy her daughter was that she had seen me. How excited she was that her mom was doing something for herself, for a change.

If you are looking for a way to get replenished and walk away a slightly better version of yourself than you were before, book a free consultation with me.

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